How do I set a reverse DNS (PTR) record on my IPv4/IPv6 address?

You can set Reverse DNS for your IPv4/IPv6 address very easy by following the following steps.
VPSes ordered before 2020 can only have Reverse DNS records set through our VPS Panel

1) Navigate to "My Services" in the client area, and select the related VPS.
2) Allow 5 seconds to generate the page with all your VPS details.
3) You'll notice a "Reverse DNS tab" is shown in the menu.
4) Select your IPv4/IPv6 adres, and enter the preferred Reverse DNS entry in the "Domain Name" field.
5) Click on "Add Reverse DNS" to apply your DNS record.

A) In case your IPv6 address isn't being displayed here, you need to navigate to the "Settings" tab first and add the IP address at "Manage IPv6 Subnets"
B) As with all DNS changes, depending on the DNS TTL it may take a few minutes up to several hours before your change is vislble.

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