What is the difference between the 3 different (SSD / Traffic / Storage) VPS plans?

We offer 3 different VPS plan;

SSD Series:
As the name already tells, these are our standard KVM/OpenVZ plans with 100% SSD storage. These VPS plans will be hosted on a VPS node with a lightning fast local RAID-10 array build out of enterprise SSD drives.
The amount of memory, storage and bandwidth are all "balanced" in the SSD series VPS plans.

Traffic Series:
These KVM/OpenVZ VPS series are mainly designed for clients who use their VPS for high bandwidth purposes. For example, shoutcast streaming servers or private VPNs.
The traffic VPS series have SSD or SSD-Cached based storage, and will come with a lower amount of storage then our SSD / Storage VPS plans.
In exchange for the lower amount of storage, you'll get double the amount of monthly bandwidth.
When you are looking for a lot of bandwidth, while storage is less important, the traffic VPS series are the ones you're looking for!

Storage Series:
Our storage series are ideal for people that require a high amount of storage (backups for example). These nodes have SSD-Cached storage.
SATA drives are available in larger sizes, and are also much cheaper per GB compared to SSDs. SSDs are added as a caching layer to increase the performance of these SATA drives. 
The combination of SATA drives + SSDs for caching allows us to offer VPS plans with a lot of storage and great performance for an affordable price.

Data that is frequently access will be stored on the cache SSDs, while the data which is less frequently accessed will only be stored on the SATA drives.
SATA drives are not as fast as SSDs, but this extra cache layer will still make these SSD Cached VPSes perform very well.

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