How does upgrading or downgrading works?

If you would like to upgrade or downgrade your VPS, please login into our client panel.
Under the "My Services" section you can manage our VPS. Under management actions, you chooice "Upgrade/Downgrade".

A VPS based on the KVM virtualization technique can only be upgraded. Due technical limitations, it is not possible to downgrade your virtual disk.
Upgrades of your KVM VPS will be manually processed ASAP (usually within a couple hours).
Upgrades are no problem, only a reboot will required to apply the memory upgrade. You will have to resize your partitions in order to use the extra storage.
Resizing the partitions can be done via the ISO "GParted", but on request we can do this for you too (please open a support ticket in this case).

OpenVZ VPSes:
Usually OpenVZ VPSes are instantly upgraded, but in very rare situations we might need to move your VPS to another VPS node afterwards.


If you need any help or advice regarding upgrading our downgrading, feel free to open a support ticket.

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