Order setup time / instant setup

Some of our services are setup instant upon receipt of payment, other orders might have some delay.

Down below is a summary of the average setup time per product group:

VPS services (instant setup):
Instant setup upon receipt of payment - usually 1 to 5 minutes.
*Although our VPS services are typically setup instantly upon receipt of payment, we still manually review each new order within the next 24 hours after the order has been placed. 
*During this manual review window, we might ask for additional details in case we suspect fruadulent our abusive usage.
*More info regarding instant setup can be found in our TOS.

Dedicated services:
Dedicated Servers are not instant setup. New order will be reviewed before activating. When a server is on stock it usually takes <12 hours upon receipt of payment to provision your server.
Server that are not on stock have different setup times, depending of the kind of server/hardware.
Expected setup times per server configuration are listed on our website.

Colocated services:
Manual review / activation - usually available in a few hours upon receipt of payment

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