Service or account transfers

It is possible to transfer active LiteServer services to a different account/customer.

General policy information:
We do however charge a small administrative transfer fee for this in most cases to cover our administrative work and prevent misuse of this policy:
– For regular services we charge a € 5 fee per request.
– For specials or services ordered using a coupon we charge a € 10 fee per request.
The fee can be paid by either the current or receiving customer.

There are couple exceptions on this policy where the transfer fee will not apply:
a) Account merges after review.
b) The current customer account has at least one active service remaining with a yearly turnover exceeding € 500 ex. VAT, or monthly turnover exceeding € 100 ex. VAT after the service transfer has been processed.
c) The current customer account has no open invoices.

Service transfer is not possible with no exception when:
a) The current customer account is in a bad standing and/or involved with abuse reports and/or has/had payment disputes.
b) The destination customer account is in a bad standing due abuse reports, overdue invoices and/or has/had payment disputes.

How to request a service transfer?:
To request the transfer, the current customer needs to open a low priority support ticket.
In this ticket you need to mention:
a) The service ID(s) that are eligible for transfer.
b) Who we’ll be paying the transfer fee (by default we consider the current customer paying the administrative transfer fee).
c) The e-mail address or client number of the receiving account*
* If needed an account can be created through this link

As addition to this, the receiving customer needs to open a low priority ticket as well, with a reference to the ticket number that the current customer can provide to the receiving customer after submitting the initial transfer request. We use this as confirmation that you accept the service transfer.

We’ll transfer the eligible service(s) after receiving a transfer confirmation of the receiving customer and the transfer fee (if applicable) has been paid in full.

All fees mentioned are ex. VAT if applicable

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